Thursday, March 11, 2010

Citylink unfazed by Newmont, Goldfields contract abrogation

Internal flight operator, Citylink says the safety concerns raised by an aviation audit that led to the suspension of its contract with two mining firms do not indict its safety records.

Mining giants Goldfields Ghana and Newmont last week suspended their multi-million Ghana cedi contract with Citylink to fly their staff, logistical supplies and gold to and from their sites.

This follows a safety audit conducted by independent aviation experts contracted by the two firms.

The Citilink Managing Director Tei Azu however says the safety concerns are being exaggerated.

Mr Azu tells Joy Business, the company has maintained an incident-free flight record since it started the first indigenous internal flight sixteen years ago.

He said it will be unfair to indict the airline just because it failed an academic exercise.

The Citylink boss said the company has been flying an average of 300 times a month without incident, implying it is a safe airline to travel with.

According to him, the auditors who conducted the audit for Newmont and Goldfields were fresh employees and were yet to become abreast of the realities on the ground.

“I fly the airline myself; if it were not safe I would not step in the aircraft…We were safe before we were audited by Newmont and Goldfields. We started flying in Ghana before we had contracts from them. We will continue flying with or without them and we will remain safe with or without them,” he said.

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