Sunday, February 7, 2010

UPdate-GIA passengers arrive in London

All 115 passengers aboard the Ghana International Airlines flight that made an emergency landing in Algeria Saturday have arrived safely in Gatwick, London.

Airline officials tell Joy News the pilot had to make a precautionary landing after he detected a "fault in the hydraulic system" following a loud explosion. The passengers finally touched down at their destination at a little past 9pm last night.

One of the passengers, Stephanie Ayerh in an interview with Joy News accused the crew members for creating panic situation when they ought to be calming the nerves of the passengers.

"Everybody was panicking. Whoever will call Jesus, called Jesus. Whoever will call Allah, called Allah. We were all panicking. We realized that even the cabin crew didn?t know what to do. They had to reassure us but they were more nervous than we the passengers,? she narrated

She also blamed management of the Airline for not being proactive in resolving the problem once the fault was detected before the flight took off.


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