Friday, February 12, 2010

PRESS RELEASE :Local women pilot attempt to set worldwide flying record and launch a flying Doctor service.

Kpong, Eastern Region, Ghana— Aviation Celebrations at Kpong airfield are part of an international effort to set a new worldwide flying record.

On March 8, 2010 to celebrate the Centennial of Licensed Women Pilots and Women’s Day, women pilots from around the world will attempt to set a new worldwide flying record: the most women pilots introducing a woman to flying in one single day - and Ghana is participating!

Raymonde De Laroche, an experienced French balloonist, was the first woman to earn a pilot license worldwide on March 8, 1910. She was the first but certainly not the last. One century later, the woman pilot population has grown tremendously and women pilots are making breakthroughs each and every day.

However, women pilots still represent less than 7% of the total pilot population in most countries. One of the challenges for the next century is to encourage more women to join the pilot population. “Flying is the best possible thing for women.” said Raymonde De Laroche upon receiving her pilot license. Nothing can inspire a woman to learn to fly more than meeting a woman who became a pilot.
During each flight, the women pilots demonstrate how airplanes fly and the proper preparations for a safe flight. After a short introductory airplane ride, each woman pilot and each woman passenger flown by a woman will receive a certificate of participation to the world record setting event.

1,000 girls and women are being invited to witness the activities at this event which will include an engineering competition that will stretch the minds and creativity of the ladies. Speakers and live entertainment will be part of the event that will ensure that the dream of Raymonde De Laroche to fly above the rest is propagated in sub-saharen Africa.

In addition to contributing to the 'women flying women' record the men folk will assist in order enable a total of 100 girls and women to be at the controls of an aircraft in the day.
Furthermore the first Medicine on the Move CH701 medical aircraft will be released to service and take to the skies to enhance health support to rural Ghanaians. The aircraft will be 'launched' by Dr Zee, she is probably the only Ghanaian medical doctor who can fly a plane and sing like a lark, with a heart for rural aviation medicine and all the people of Ghana.

For more information on the event, contact Patricia Mawuli Nyekodzi on +233 (0)28 5075254 or visit or

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